Featuring 60 years of experience.
Since the inception of Trailwalk Holdings Ltd. in 1995, we have provided a range of maintenance management consulting services for our clients.Trailwalk is a highly specialized management consulting firm working within the industry to maximize productivity through improvement in maintenance and their practices. All consultant services are based on World Class Maintenance Philosophy. This philosophy has been adapted by organizations throughout the world.

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Why Trailwalk provides superior service

We have soild experience in the implementation of professional maintenance management tools. Our maintenance philosophy is well developed and creates the desired results. Most importantly, we “Keep it simple.”

With the workload that is common among maintenance departments there must be clear, uncomplicated work processes. We will help you develop your best practices to suit your work environment. We focus on what needs to be improved and customize training to fit the needs of each individual site. 60-75% of our work is with international companies which gives us exposure to the best practices and other world class maintenance methodologies. In our continuous search for better operations and maintenance practices, we have developed benchmarking processes for manufacturing, university and food processing industries.

You will always have direct access to our company and our total commitment to your success.