Database Interfaces

Trailwalk offers a database interface that is used to synchronize data between different database instances. Some current uses for this interface are for synchronizing inventory levels between financial and CMMS databases. Other interfaces include automatic entry of meter values into a CMMS to trigger metered based PMs.

MP2 SQL Users

Trailwalk has developed some new interface and report generators that work very well with MP2 SQL.

METERS – The meter interface allows the auto population of equipment meters. This in turn will allow meter based PMs without having to manually enter all the equipment meter readings.

KPI Reports – Key Performance Indicators and associated graphs are often difficult to create in MP2. Our KPI report generator interfaces with MP2 to create reports and graphs quickly and easily.

BUDGET – Do you want to know exactly how much money you’ve spent from each account code? This interface pulls data directly from MP2, displays and reports on where you stand in your maintenance budget.

PURCHASING/ INVENTORY INTERFACE – Some companies use another program for purchasing and would like to update the inventory and stock in MP2. This interface queries the purchasing program and updates MP2 inventory and quantity on hand.

CUSTOM REPORTS – We customize many of the work orders and purchasing reports in MP2. We add and remove fields from these reports and add company logo’s to personalize each form.