Micromain Consulting

Our partnership with Micromain has enabled us to offer a cost effective computerized maintenance management software that will simplify operations, improve productivity and reduce costs. Micromain XM provides automated work orders , preventative maintenance scheduling, asset histories, inventory and budget control, fleet management, comprehensive reports and more. We can fill all your needs with the purchase, set-up, implementation and training of the Micromain software.

An area that often receives the least attention is the equipment parts stock room. Usually cluttered and unorganized it’s a place we often ignore because of the effort needed to organize it. Often unnecessary money is spent on items already on the site but can’t be found or are not known to exist. The inventory module in your Micromain software allows you to link parts to the equipment and effectively find parts by location in the stock room. This saves time looking for parts as well as being able to keep track of inventory and equipment costs. However there is valuable time needed to set-up a well-organized stock room. This is where we can help you by setting up an effective stock room so that it is easy to find parts and easy to maintain once we are gone from your site.