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Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

We can help you Assess, Educate, Plan, Implement, Train, and Manage your CMMS Program.

Trailwalk can help you develop an effective maintenance plan and train your personnel to use your CMMS program. We use a unique combination of industrial expertise, the understanding of technical systems, and practical knowledge of reliable maintenance practices to help create a CMMS system that works for you. We base our recommendations on years of experience , proven maintenance principles, and our clear understanding of today’s production demands. We will design and implement the CMMS that fits into your operational environment. Based on an assessment of your current maintenance plan, we will help you integrate a maintenance system that meets your requirements. With the experience of working with over 200 customers using a CMMS, we can show you how to use the CMMS as a powerful tool to support your maintenance activities.

We first assess your current maintenance practices and then help you develop a plan to implement and train your maintenance staff. Our training and manuals are customized to fit every level of your organization.

MP2, BE, EAM Maintenance Software Implementation

We can help you Assess, Plan, Implement, Train and Manage your MP2 / BE / EAM program.

Whether you are implementing MP2 / BE / EAM, feel you need to revamp or just feel your CMMS is not working properly for you, we will help you develop standards for your data and procedures to manage the software in order for you to have a properly functioning CMMS.

We will help you develop your security to protect your data and customize screens to make the software easy to use and navigate. We can assist you in uploading your equipment and inventory records to save time during implementation. We provide custom reports for MP2 / BE / EAM. Current reports such as work orders or purcahse orders may be customized to display only the data you wish to see, as well as adding additional data such as your company logo.

Why we recommend MP2

Consistently praised by customers and industry analysts, Infor (formerly Datastream) offers one of the easiest maintenance software packages to learn and use. MP2’s ease-of-use and practical features are designed to streamline asset management- resulting in reduced downtime, controlled inventory, and lower procurement costs for customers. MP2 helps customers complete critical asset management functions:

  • Quickly access historical costs, performance characteristics, and warranty information associated with an individual asset or acreoss a broad class of assets to decide whether incremental repairs are needed or if replacement is the answer.
  • With up-to-date location and usage information from MP2, companies share assets across sites and between divisions, increasing an asset’s productivity.
  • MP2 allows companies to manage maintenance processes, collaborative workflow, reporting and analysis, inventory, financial and budget information, logistics and ecommerce.
  • With Infor’s fully integrated procurement network, companies can automate their maintenance, repair, and operations supply chain with demand-driven purchasing and inventory systems. This amounts to real dollars that make a real difference to a company’s bottom line.
  • MP2 gives users complete access to asset history, helping them determine whether an asset should be sold and increasing value at the time of the sale. MP2 offers users accurate, up-to-date information that is necessary to assess the total cost of ownership of an asset and to make decisions that benefit the organization.

Stock Room Assessment and Set-up

There is one thing for certain, it is impossible to have a fully functional CMMS without having an accurate inventory of spare parts. Many companies fail to understand the effects this has on the reliability of the equipment. In short your CMMS will not be much use without an inventory list that is accurate and a stock room that is organized and maintained.

Why do we want an effective Stock Room?

1. Provide needed parts in a timely manner. (two minutes or less)

2. Aid with the identification and location of parts.

3. Eliminate obsolete parts/reduce inventory.

4. Maintain critical parts stock.

5. Obtain a detailed parts usage.

6. Reduce time waiting for parts.

7. Reduce high cost items.

8. Standardize suppliers.

9. Develop spare parts list for equipment.

10. Part requisitions can be auto-generated.

11. Eliminate costs for “RUSH” orders.

12. SAVE $$$

We have noted the following benefits of having an effective stock room from companies we have helped with the process.

  • Inventory activities and accuracy improvements by as much as 95%.
  • Reduction in maintenance personnel looking for parts to do repairs from 20 minutes or longer to less than 2 minutes.
  • Reduction in unnecessary maintenance purchases by as much as 25%.
  • Not to mention the boost in maintenance personnel morale. This maybe hard to measure however the attitude of the crafts people is so very noticeable.

Properly setting up your stores is an enormous job and it may take months to complete. It will definitely take time, labor, money, and total commitment from all levels of your organization. Without any one of these factors the success of the process will be compromised. There are too many stories of organizations attempting to organize their stores but never completing it due to a lack of commitment or resources.

We have created a Stores Development Process to effectively set up your stores. With the aid of your maintenance team we create a store room that will be beneficial for your staff as well as your organization. Our consultative approach provides on-site resources as well as guidance and support when we are off-site. In the event you do not have employees to carry out your store room set-up we can provide this service.