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Online Safety Training

We offer many Training Modules for your complete safety training needs:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Arc Flash
  • Confined Space Awareness
  • Electrical Safety
  • H2S Safety
  • Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety
  • Ladder Safety
  • Lock Out/Tag Out
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Safety Orientation
  • Supervisor Due Diligence
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods

These training modules are offered in online self-directed studies through our Training Website.

We can also incorporate your own training programs within our learning system.

Do you need to streamline your onboarding processes with new hires and/or contractors? Our software can take care of that for you!

Onboarding Employees

Do you need to streamline your onboarding processes with new hires and/or contractors? Our software can take care of that for you!

We can create employee orientation processes, relay information  to new hires and contractors, as well as incorporate orientation training all within a single portal that can also access common training materials.

Talk to us to see how we can meet the needs of your business to streamling your onboarding strategy.

Working with Trailwalk Holdings, we have a quality product that our new hires could complete online prior to arriving for their first day of work.

This has reduced the classroom time and cost of bring new workers on board, yet still providing the new worker with very valuable information for a successful start with our company. This has been a very cost-effective addition to GRT’s safety program and helps strengthen the safety culture at GRT.

Robert Wahl

Director of HSE, Global Rigging & Transport

Maintenance Program Design


Sometimes our best training efforts don’t seem to transfer into the anticipated results. There are a number of factors that may be at fault keeping you from achieving good results.

  • The Training Method
  • The Training Content
  • The Trainers Ability
  • The Organization’s Training Philosophy

Our training assessment will identify the areas needing improvement and make recommendations to ensure your training programs are effective and produce the desired results.


There are many key components that must be in place in order to ensure machine reliability. A common problem is the availability of equipment to perform preventive and the effectiveness of the PM program itself.

Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) are some of the buzzwords used to describe maintenance programs that achieve maximum up time and minimum maintenance interventions.

To achieve these results an effective maintenance program must be in place and followed. Equipment failures must be identified and corrective actions must be taken and a follow up completed.

Our assessment of your maintenance program will result in recommendations that will optimize your maintenance department.s efforts by implementing or reorganizing your PM plan and establish a path to move toward preventive and Reliability Centered Maintenance.