All Your Maintenance Training In One Place

Online Safety Training

WHMIS 2015

Make sure you know how to properly handle the materials you work with on a daily basis.

Ladder Safety

The higher you work, the further you have to fall. Let’s help reduce the risk of falls by providing some safety tips.

Employee Safety Orientation

A great introduction course to learn about general safety in the workplace.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous products to and from the work site is serious business. This course covers everything you need.

ARC Flash

When dealing with high voltage, one mistake can have lasting effects that happen faster than you can blink. Be in the know.

Lock Out / Tag Out

Plain and simple, LOTO saves lives. When machines we rely on stop working, help prevent others from getting hurt.

Electrical Safety

Electrical injuries are no joke and happen more often than you think. Simple precautions can help keep everyone safe.

H2S Safety

Learn how to work safely in environments that contain hydrogen sulfide in this online H2S awareness course.

Confined Space Awareness

When there is a confined space in the workplace, all workers in that workplace require Confined Space Awareness training as well as workplace specific training.

Trench Safety

Working in trench conditions? Be sure you know how to be safe in these dangerous spaces.


Keep up to date on Occupational Health & Safety regulations in Nova Scotia and Internal Responsibility Systems

Supervisor Due Diligence

Be sure your management understands safety procedures within the workplace.